Terms & Condition

SECOND INNINGS - Old Age Home is a NGO project in colaboration with HELP Human Rights registered under Govt. of India. FIRST PHASE is already started around 30 boarders capasity. At present we are accepting booking on basis of first come first serve and exceptance of booking is subject to availability.

We also offering Short Stay fecilities on basis of Food and Lodging.

Please feel free to contact us at 8420011332/6291238565 or e-mail us at secondinningsoldagehome@gmail.com/ help2u100@gmail.com for price details and advance booking procedure. 

1. Local guarantor/guardian is mandetory for admission.
2. Brochure, Form and Agreement charges of Rs. 500/- is to pay.
3. Security deposit has to be paid before the admission.
4. Monthly service charges has to be paid in advance for every month.
5. In case of any illness major medicine charges, investigation charges and charges towards treatment has to be paid by the boarder or their guarantor/guardian.
6. Expenses towards costs of regular medicine, diaper or any personal essential healts items has to be paid in advance.
7. Costs for Personal attendent/Aaya, has to be paid in advance.
8. Charges for Air Condition or Aircooler, personal goods, personal apparatus
 has to be paid in extra.
9. Any kind of addiction items are prohibited in the old age premises.
10. No out sider is allowed without the permission of the authority.

11. In case of any deficiency in service boarder shall be at liberty to inform the matter without any hazitation before the authority, and same shall be solved within 48 hours. 

Mainly we accept security deposit for the sake of medcal emergency so that we can provide promt medical service in case of any emergecy. # There are several types of deposits subject to various schemes which we offered time to time, so deduction and refund shall be subject to such scheme which shall be clearly mentioned in the agreement/MOU.

# In case of the death of the boarder the security deposit shall be refunded in favor of the nominee/ local guardian/guarantor or legal heirs as applicable as per agreement.
# Security deposit shall be refunded upon deducting the due amount.
# No interest is applicable on security deposit amount.

# All emergency medical service charges including ambulace, doctor, medicine, investigation, pathology, hospital/nursing home cost shall be paid in extra.

# In case of any illness or medical emergency first inform to Guarantor/Guardian, in that case the Guarantor/Guardian shall take the responsibility of the treatment otherwise  boarder shall be shifted to the private hospital or Nursing Home with the consent of boarder or his Guarantor/Guardian. Any non response from the Guarantor/Guardian the boarder shall be shifted to the nearest Goverment Hostpital or Health Centre, however under no circumstances old age home authority shall not be resposible for any surgery case or any long terms treatment although in case of life time boarder all treatment shall be done through goverment hospital with generic medicine. In case of non payment of emergency medical expenses the amount shall be deducted from the security deposit amount.

# Violation of the terms of the agreement .
# Violation of the rules and regulations of the Second Innings.
# Non payment of fixed monthly service charges including other charges for consicutive three months.
# Immoral/ abnormal behavior. 
# If it is found informations given in Application Form or Agreement are false. 




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