About Us

Second Innings has created a homely atmostphere where every resident feels welcome and celebrated and has adequate access to health, welness and recreation fecilities. We are dedicated towards green environment and good management and prioratise safety, comfort and well being of our residents and thereby promote a healthy, respectable and joyful life.


Second Innings is an initiation of HELP Human Rights Confederation which organisation always fights to understand the rights of the elderly people and also provide legal support to poor victims of domestic violence and socially harassed persons mainly for the women and children. As we serve the people since a long we know very well that the social connections are the key to happiness with age. Caring Friends are the perfect people to lift your aging loved one up when you are feeling down.

We raised our duty towards lonely senior people so that they enjoy their old age life as “Second Innings” of their life, and conveyed our decision for establishing a Senior Home in a pollution free green carpet area. Hope all senior will be staying with us happily in the lap of nature.

          ... Make it a point to call or visit at “Second Innings” whenever you or your loved one are lonely.


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Second Innings is a place where there is only a green environment. Our well-equipped garden, the chirping of birds is not only pleasing to the eye but also pleasing to the mind which will keep both your health and mind healthy. Moreover 
our green areas allow enough ventilation and keep the atmosphere pleasant.

Walk happily in a vehicle free green desert under the blue sky. The dewy grass will touch your heart on a winter's morning or the mild sunshine on a summer's morning.

We understand the knowledge of reading can spark which takes the mind to another world and domestic play keeps the mind calm that's why we created library and different type games fecilities to keep our residents fit and engaged. 

We are the firm believer of green environment and bonding that's why we have planned a special dining exeperience in the lap of nature in a sheltered space to encourage our residents and to bond.

One of the most unique features of Second Innings is wide space Mandir where you can find peace and solace, which results happiness. The temple will become enchanting with the kirtan and dev bhajan in your voice.

There is talk of eating less but eating better, older people want a balanced and easy diet that will help them stay healthy. So our management has taken the initiative to serve only healthy food in a healthy environment.

We believe that service is the absolute religion, so our satisfactory service without any trick will impress you. We know old people come to old age to get rid of loneliness so our aim is to change the course of life by providing them with good service. It is our guarantee that your desire to live will increase after you stay with us for a while.  

REGULAR HEALTH CHECH-UP Your well-being can widen our horizons, so our healthcare crews do regular health check-up for your overall well-being.

The worries of livelihood and child rearing have gradually made our society diabetic, moreover the quality of food and eating habits add to this diabetes. Happiness, joy, a worry-free life, proper treatment and timely diet can cure this disease. Our Expert Health Care Team is committed to paying special attention to this.

We believe that happiness is the only diet in life. Entertainment can make you forget all the sadness of life. So we have chosen the path of survival by way of entertainment. Our entertainment events will make your life happier.

Civilized people are culture crazy, because happiness is hidden in culture. We are commited to take life to the sea of ​​happiness by celebrating different type of cultural events. And your participation in that event will bring another dimension to your life

We shall live in peace, someday”


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